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The Utilities

Free internet is a common feature in the sofitel brand and we took advantage of it. The room has a nespresso machine but the machine was without water and the deposity very dirty.
The hotel had a spa and fitness located on the last two floors but, surprisingly, we had opposite feeling from each area. The fitness was a big area with high walls and it was pleasant; the room had several machines and a stair directly to the spa area. The latter was not that special lacking, for example, a jacuzzi or simply the usual Sofitel swimming pool. We speculated that maybe due to the wellness room location the company was unable to construct the pool…anyhow, there was something missing!

The working desk

The working desk

The Breakfast

Located in the 1st floor the room had some details that we just don’t understand. Like in the Sofitel from Hamburg there was no view. A closed area that, although well designed, lacked the view for the square! A vast breakfast was waiting for us with a special emphasis for the variety of juices offered. Unfortunately the staff wasn’t very nice and we don’t know why but they initially brought juice for every table excepted for us, and we were almost one of the firsts to arrive. If you offer something you need to guarantee that you will deliver it to everyone! Besides this situation, when we told the waitress our room number she got it wrong (401, not 501) and instead of just coming to us and say “Could you please repeat the room number, maybe I got it wrong” she just come to the table and said “You are not in the room number you gave me”… for real?