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The Room
The bed area was small in the 503 but big in the 501 room (can you understand this? because we cannot) with, again, a boose sound system, a big Tv having several international channels and free wifi. Opposite to other Sofitel hotel’s the room was much simpler and inwrought with less little details that we deeply enjoy. One particular and funny thing they had was located in each side of the bed and it might be ideal for clients with sleeping difficulties or clients with small kids: a small cord that when pulled played a Bedtime jig for about 2 minutes! The bed itself, as you can see from the pictures, was more than suitable for two people but we noticed a hole in one of the sheets.


sweet dreams

The bathroom had a normal size, composed by three small divisions (sink, shower, toilet), but we thought that the shower was small and we found a disturbing situation: you could see the toilet from the room and there was no door to really close the toilet. Basically you could see the others while they are seated in the toilet.. awkward!!


An overlook at the bathroom

The room view of the toilet.. strange!

The room view of the toilet.. strange!

The best part of the room was, without any doubt, the balcony.
The astonishing view was directed to the upper part of French Dome and as the room had high windows you could appreciate it tremendously. From the balcony you could also see the Concert Hall and, at a more distance, the German dome. Although in first stay didn’t allow us to enjoy much of some of the features provided by the hotel, we couldn’t leave the hotel without taking advantage of the balcony so we took a good night Nespresso coffee looking at the French dome. In this second visit, as it was during the winter, the table and chair that were previously in the balcony had been removed. Even though, this balcony provides magic moments as one can enjoy the falling snow over the monuments…it is beautiful to behold!