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cropped-untitled_panorama22.jpgWe believe that distinguishing luxury hotels from the rest comes to one crucial thing: attention to details. Although a little cliché, it is the truth, they have to ask “What can we do more?” and never say “Everything is done”. Luxury hotels need to make that extra step to make the guests feel comfortable and wanted.
We believe the next three hotels located in Germany’s capital Berlin have, in different aspects, understand this concept and provide the costumers an extra attention.

Berlin throughout the last 100 years has been the stage of World War II and cold war, with the last one ending just around 1991. Amazingly, when walking around city it is impossible to believe that just almost 22 years ago it was divided in 4 and it was devastated by World War II in the 40’s. All the monuments and sights are in remarkable conditions and very well preserved.
In our first hotel we had an overwhelming view of some of these monuments.
Situated in the Gendarmenmarkt square, the Sofitel Berlin offers you a magnificent view of three monuments: French Cathedral, Concert Hall and German Cathedral.

5 points:
– Stunning view/ Balcony
– Localization
– Free WIFI
– Nespresso machine
– Elegant design

The First Impression
As usual for the Sofitel Brand, the staff was quite nice although we don’t know if it was because of the proximity to the French cathedral but they opted for the “Bonjour” instead of the so German “Gütten morgen”. It was strange and we have never seen this in other hotels of the company. Anyway, they were kind and offered to book tickets for any event or monument if we needed. Furthermore, because they sent us previously an SMS confirming our reservation and reservation code, it was very simple to do the check in and we didn’t had to travel carrying papers.

We tried this hotel two times but we got mixed situations. In the first time they took us up to our room but in the second time just to the elevator. The biggest difference was in the room size and this is worrying. For the same price you can have a big room with a balcony (501, where we stayed in the first time) or a much smaller room also with a balcony (503, just next to the other). The differences are huge and we decided to make a review of the 503 room.


The confortable bed