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The room (a Deluxe Double) had the two usual divisions, being one of them a spacious bedroom/living room with a big bed in one side and a sofa and a desk in the other. The other division was a standard size bathroom. Distinct designs were seen between the areas: a classic design in the bedroom and a very modern one in the bathroom giving the idea that it was renewed recently. Just a curiosity…the soap had the best smell we have felt in all the hotels!

Our room offered two good things: Free WI-FI (although we got the idea that the WI-FI is not free to some of the costumers) and everything free in the mini-bar. Was the mini-bar completely full? Of course not but costumers love to hear “The mini-bar is complementary”. There are no worries to see on the list what is free or not… just grab a thing and enjoy it!

The view was straight to the building on the other side of the street so there was nothing special about it. The spa/wellness area located in the last floor of the building was missing a pool but it had the normal sauna and steam bath.  The spa was empty so we could enjoy it at the max and took some extra soaps home (they were really good…couldn’t avoid it, sorry!).

And now one of our favorite things: the breakfast. The breakfast room was in the ground floor and had a completely refreshed look. Modern, spacious, with a high ceiling and white color, the design resembled the ones seen in other “modern” hotels brands. The breakfast menu was as vast as two entire walls area with tasty home made yogurts, a big variety of cold food, like salmon, rosbife and so on… For sure it is worthtrying and enjoying it!