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For this review we went to the capital of Niedersachsen (also known as Lower Saxony), Hanover. We have visited this city a couple of times but now we decided to try the only 5* hotel it has to offer: Kastens Hotel Luisenhof Superior.

The hotel is very well localized distancing no more than 5 minutes walk to the Hannover main train station and in the considered “rich” street of Hanover, where you can find stores like Mont Blanc. Furthermore, since Hanover is not a vast city like Berlin, Munich or even Hamburg, this hotel provides a nice cultural location, as the main attractions, such as the Opera House, are just around the corner.

As soon as you enter the cozy hotel’s hall you realized that instead of modern design and futuristic lines, Kastens Hotel is enriched with an antiquate solid look mixed with some contemporary details (breakfast room being the most pragmatic example).

The elevator to our floor was quite small resembling the ones from old buildings, but tremendously well preserved. With the corridor floor having carpet, the way to our room was awkward since the floor latter divides in two new levels with rooms in both up and down floor.  To cut it short, the elevator cannot really take you to your room’s floor!