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For the second night in Lübeck we opted this 5 star hotel. Although architecturally pompous (large but not high), this hotel does not blend at all with the landscape. Located near a channel and just around 3 minute walking from the Holsten Gate, this modern hotel is the only one within this star category that you can find in the city.

Radisson Blu Senator Hotel

As typical in our stays, we decided for a room with channel view and it was worth it. The view was pretty amazing with the channel and the top of the main church behind the horizon of small buildings. The room was not that charming with an old fashion decoration (not the elegant and fancy type one) and carpet (again!) giving an out of date and heavy environment. The bathroom should be in line for an “extreme makeover” edition since it had an obsolete decoration and worn out (judging by the cracks). Furthermore we had a problem with the shower – it was giving burst of burning water that could be very painful.

The common areas such as lounge, spa and restaurant had a in vogue style diverged from the  room’s non contemporary outlook.

The hotel pool seemed bigger in the pictures, but it was acceptable and it also was “equipped” with a good channel view. The breakfast, included in the reservation price, was nice and from our table we could have a good view of the channel. Nevertheless it was quiet difficult for the waitress to go to our table – we had to ask her to go there to have some coffee. One original tasty aspect: delicious oranges to make fresh orange juice.

Before leaving we left a note in the room’s desk mentioning the shower problem but the company did not make even a attempt to contact us about the situation. At check-out the staff asked us if the stay was nice and we reported that “There was a problem with the shower” and we got the reply “oh, bad to hear that” and not even a “what was the problem?”. Much Much more is expected from a hotel of this category.

Summing up: a normal hotel with a good view in the room and at breakfast, but nothing more than that.

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Breakfast 4,5 Design 3
Staff 2,7 Room Area 4
Spa 3,5 Location 4,3
Utilities 4 Room view 4,3
Final Score 3,8