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For this review we went to Portugal and, more precisely, a city full of history, breathtaking landscapes and worldwide known for its wine: Oporto

This city offers more than a full hand of five star hotels, but we decided to try to a very peculiar and thematic four (and half!, in our opinion) star hotel. Teatro Hotel is located in the center of the city and it was build were previously a theater took place (that is the reason for the hotel’s name). This fact provides the mood for the rest of the hotel where charm and elegancy is present in every detail. The hotel is emerged in culture, knowledge and everything is there for a reason. The entrance resembles a box office and the bar, where they gave us a welcome drink, is just super comfortable giving a glance of a jazz bar.
The hotel, per si, is all very dark (not gothic dark but with low lights giving an appearance of a backstage in a theater) with a very classy, but not old fashion at all, environment.
The room was an “Audience”, which was amazingly spacious, with a gigantic bed, many pillows and soft bed sheets. A big, artistic sofa was also present in the room together with a golden bathtub in the corner. The bathroom was divided in two sections, one having a huge shower and other with the toilette. Both divisions were separated by semi-opaque glasses providing a few privacy that many people prefer. We believe that what happens in the bathroom stays in the bathroom but most of the hotels visited so far are not keen on this idea.

This time we decided we were going to have a different breakfast so we asked for a breakfast in the room. It was a rich breakfast but some options were additional with an extra price (like eggs and bacon) so we decided not to order it because it makes no sense to pay more for food that is normally present in the breakfast room.

The staff was kind and competent even in the hotel’s restaurant, where we decided to try one of their artistic menus. The food and the wine were great but we believe the menu fixed price is too high.
To resume, this hotel breathes history, art and elegancy. For what we have seen so far we believe this distinct hotel resembles a five star hotel except for the absence of a swimming pool. Nevertheless we think it is comprehensible since the hotel was rebuilt from an old theater.

For us it is a “must stay hotel” in this beautiful northern city of Portugal.

Breakfast 3,2 Design 4,5
Staff 4 Room Area 4,6
Spa Location 4,5
Utilities 4 Room view 2
Final Score 3,8

Don’t get mistaken by the lower grade given to this hotel, mainly influenced by the room lack of view. This is for sure a must see and stay hotel! and we will, certainly, repeat this experience.

Note: Due to time limitations we were unable to take advantage of the spa. Therefore no grade was given in this category.