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Innside Frankfurt Eurotheum

In the most important stop regarding air traffic in Europe, we decided to try the highest of the hotels that the city had to offer. We are referring to Innside Frankfurt Eurotheum, a hotel that starts in the 22nd floor of a skyscraper and extends until the 29th floor of the building.

Although some reports stating that the hotel was hard to find, we had no problem in discovering it and a nice all glass elevator with a great view took us to the reception and breakfast floor. The reservation was made through the hotel website and it included also two tickets for the top of The Main Tower, with an amazing sightseeing. We opted for a Deluxe room, with breakfast included, and it was located at the last floor.

The room was extremely spacious with a corridor giving access to two distinct areas: a living room and a small kitchen in one side, and the bedroom and bathroom in the other. With windows all around the room, the view was simply breathtaking and we were able to see the Opera House, some churches, the bridges lying in the river… we could spend a day just admiring every detail the room view provides. Besides the TV placed in the bedroom you could also watch some our favorite TV channels in the big flat screen in the living room, while cozily sited in a fashionable red sofa and drinking one of the hotel’s tea.
This particular room had a unique feature, there is a bathtub inside the bedroom, which gives you a scenic view throw the windows while you are having a relaxing bath…an ideal detail for a romantic couple after an exhausting afternoon visiting the city! Although comfortable, the shower wasn’t all that big and the bathroom lacked privacy, with nothing separating it from the bedroom.
The spa area rested in one of the ends of a floor and it was quite small, with only one minimal sauna room and a fitness club. Its location at the end of the floor obliges you to wander throw several rooms in your bathrobe and that’s not very amusing… A more direct and private access would be better.

Having breakfast in a 22nd floor gives you immediately a better taste of the food but, in fact, it was good not just because of the view. The buffet was diverse from fruit to scramble eggs and bacon, and fitted the price paid for it. The hotel’s staff was nice and efficient giving great tips for where to have dinner in the city… we had an amazing pork knuckle thanks to them.
Summing up, if you are not afraid of heights, this is a must stay hotel in Frankfurt or at least try to see their bar (breakfast in the morning) because the view it worthy. If staying in Frankfurt for visiting and your wallet can afford it, give it a try. You won’t regreat!

Breakfast 3,7 Design 4
Staff 4,5 Room Area 4,8
Spa 2,5 Location 4,3
Utilities 4 Room view 5
Final Score 4,1

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