Hello World.

Our first post serves the purpose of explaining to all of you the reason for our existence.

After years of searching for 4 and 5 stars Hotels reviews in the internet we noticed a big lack of specific and detailed content. Different Hotel’s reviews are generally made by different people who are certainly looking for a panoply of different experiences when staying in a Hotel. So far (and to our knowledge) no one was able to bring a systematic description, written on the first person, of a broad range of luxurious Hotels to one webpage.

When you want to buy a product, lets say a Hardware material or a Car, you always look for someone who have tried several similar materials and it’s able to express an impartial thorough overview of the product. Mostly you look for someone who can tell you “this product worth every pent you will give for it and you won’t regret”.

Our reviews, that will be posted on a regular basis, are completely straightforward, honest and based on self experience.

This is a virtual words trip to the refined corners of world top hotels. Take a seat and enjoy the stay!